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1. dubna 2015
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30. října 2013
Komplex obal na nové adrese

Logistický areál CTY Průmyslová
Průmyslová 1472/11
102 19 Praha 10


Komplex obal Praha s.r.o.

Logistický areál CTY Průmyslová
Průmyslová 1472/11
102 19 Praha 10

Telefon : 284 682 492
Mobil : 723 593 023
Fax : 284 682 469

Pracovní doba:
od 7,00 hod. do 15,30 hod.


Company Komplex Obal s.r.o. has taken up experiences of the company OSTROV PRAHA s.r.o., which has been successfully present on the Czech market for many years. We offer a wide range of goods and related services. In addition to basic paper and sanitary products we focus on the area of WRAPPING AND PACKAGING MATERIALS. We supply to networks of major clients, such as international traders, consumer co-operatives, restaurants, food production establishments, bakeries, etc.

We produce for our clients cardboard products, customised prints, foils, carry bags, grocery bags and cups.

Product offering:
- Wrapping papers;
- disposable bowls; food foils; industrial foils; cellophane Tatrafan
  products; baking papers; wax papers; cake boxes; pizza boxes;
  plastic and paper salvers; PS, PP, HDPE and LDPE plates, cups, bowls,
  containers; skewers; straws; toothpicks; kitchen foil;
- cash register rolls; labels; baking cups; paper lace decorations; paper
- rubber, vinyl, PE, HDPE and latex gloves, aprons, caps;
- HDPE, LDPE and paper carry bags, including customised prints;
- HDPE foils; paper, HDPE and LDPE bags; can liners;
- grocery bags; sanitary and greaseproof paper bags; chicken
  bags of various designs; hamburger and hot-dog sleeves;
- toilet paper; folded paper towels, jumbo toilet paper rolls, napkins;
  kitchen rolls; roll and soap dispensers;
- adhesive tapes; sales slips; strings; ribbons; gift papers;
- wrapping papers; fresh paper;
- detergents and disinfectants; rags;
+ other commodities not specified above.

Current stock:
We carry a stock of all commodities to last for at least 2-3 months.

Supplier services:
Delivery time outside Prague is 48 hours, within Prague 24 hours from your order. All client orders are executed by our professional staff members. Orders are accepted by phone, fax and email.

We participate in the EKOKOM system.

Facultative compensation:
We provide for our clients possibility of trading through facultative compensation. We cooperate with EXODUS company.

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